Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Adult Folk Group
Stations of the Cross
Friday, 8 March 2002
Celebrant = Fr. Carr
PRELUDE: Little Boy Lost
GATHERING: Behold the Wood, GC#420, vs. TBD
Opening Prayer
STATION RESPONSE (14x): Remember Your Love, GC#881 (refrain only)
Closing Prayer in Book: Resurrection of Jesus
EXPOSITION OF SACRAMENT: (as Fr. comes from Sacristy with Cope) O Saving Victim, GC#887, vs.1; Instrumental; vs.2
Fr. puts Monstrance on Altar
Bless all with Monstrance
AFTER BLESSING: Come Adore, GC#888
Back up to front: Divine Praises
CLOSING: (after Sacrament is put away in tabernacle) Amazing Grace, GC#612, vs. 1&2