Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Adult Folk Group
11:20 AM First Eucharist Celebration
2 May 2010

ENTRANCE: Let the Children Come to Me
GLORIA: Mass of Light, #186 (During Sprinkling)
RESPONSE: Ps. 23 - Shepherd Me, O God, #31, vs. 1-3
GOSPEL ACCL.: Mass of Light, #187
Jesus, You Are Bread for Us
HOLY: Mass of Light, #190
MEM. ACCL.: Mass of Light, #192
AMEN: Mass of Light, #194
LAMB OF GOD: Mass of Light, #195
COMMUNION: At the Table
One Bread, One Body, #830
Pan de Vida, #848
RECESSIONAL: Great Things Happen

First Reading: Acts 4: 8-12
Psalm: Ps. 118 Second Reading: 1 John 3: 1-2
Gospel: John 10: 11-18