DATE: 14 September 2014
THEME: Exaltation of the Holy Cross
ENTRANCE: Blest be the Lord, #617, vs. 1 & 2
GLORIA: Mass of Creation
RESPONSE: Ps. 19 - Lord, You Have the Words, #27
GOSPEL ACCL.: Mass of Remembrance
PREPARATION: Behold the Wood, #420
HOLY: Mass of Remembrance
MEM. ACCL.: Mass of Remembrance - When We Eat This Bread
AMEN: Mass of Remembrance
LAMB OF GOD: Mass of Remembrance
COMMUNION: We Come Today
RECESSIONAL: I am the Resurrection, vs. 1 - 3

First Reading: Numbers 21:4b-9
Psalm 78:1, 2, 34-38
Second Reading: Philippians 2:6-11
Gospel: John 3:!3-17