Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Adult Folk Group
Family Mass Celebration

DATE: 28 November 1999
THEME: 1st Sunday in Advent, Cycle B
WARM-UP: Mass of Light Kyrie
ENTRANCE: O Come, O Come Emmanuel
KYRIE: Mass of Light
RESPONSE: Come, O Lord
GOSPEL ACCL.: Esserwein
PREPARATION: If the Lord Does Not Build
HOLY: Bob Dufford
MEM. ACCL.: We Remember
AMEN: Banquet of Love
PEACE SIGN: Peace is Flowing Medley
LAMB OF GOD: Peace is Flowing Medley
COMMUNION: Now in this Banquet
The Friendly Beasts
  - verses TBD
  - pick a child to hold animal(s)
RECESSIONAL: Rise Up, Jersualem, vs. 1 & 2